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Red Temple Fine Art, Sculpture, Architectural and Engineering Casting in Birmingham UK  

We are an Art Foundry located in Birmingham, West Midlands, established in 2001.

We offer a range of metal casting and manufacturing services for artists,sculptors, designers, architects and engineers.

Our comprehensive range of services includes lost wax casting, project advice, moulding (on or off site), wax chasing, metal surface finishing and fabrication, patination, polishing, repair work and installation. We have a team of highly skilled technicians in- house that allows us to design and cast a wide range of items in bronze, brass, silver and aluminium. From bronze sculptures and statues to copper plaques and figurines, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, that allows us to capture each intricate detail.

At Red Temple we use the ‘Lost Wax’ casting method, this is the most popular method for creating an accurate reproduction of your work. It ensures exact replication of the original pattern. Castings produced are anything from one off items to larger runs, from 'large size' jewellery type castings to life-size public sculpture.

Artists are welcome participate in the process from start to finish, having as much - or as little input as required. Red Temple is a great choice for many customers throughout the UK due to our high quality products matched with second to none customer service.

Please feel free to email or telephone for a quote, the more information you can provide about the work the better, photos or drawings plus dimensions are a huge help.


Project advice

Moulding (on or off site)

Wax chasing

Casting and Fabrication

Patination and polishing

Repair work


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